They did an AWESOME job tuning and repairing the sticking keys on my Kimball piano. It was my mother’s piano and hadn’t been used or tuned for more than 15 years. I decided that I wanted to play the piano again and take lessons. The piano sounds just as great when I played it 30 years ago. Thanks for a GREAT job!

Nathan K.
​Springfield, GA

We’re home of the Southeast Piano Hospital... where our patients always come out singing!

From sticking keys, chipped keytops, and non-working pedals; to deep gauges in the wood, water mark stains ,and broken strings, we can take care of all of your minor and major piano repairs. Most repairs can be done on site so that you can continue to enjoy your instrument without major disruption. If your piano does need to come to our shop, you can rest assured that the turn-around time will be expedient and the job well done!

Below are only some of the many repairs in which we specialize.

  • Bridle strap replacement
  • Butts and flanges replacement
  • Damper felt replacement, alignment, and regulating
  • Damper spring punching
  • Fallboard decals:  original, authentic decals custom ordered and applied
  • Hammer replacement
  • Loose hammer glueing
  • Acrylic key repair
  • Keys: replace bushings
  • Keytops: full replacement
  • Keytops: sanding of chipped keys
  • Black keytops (sharps): replacement and repainting​
  • Lyre: general recondition
  • Lyre pedal rods: replacement/repair
  • Regulation: partial and major action regulation
  • Soundboards, bridges, and plates: recap, replace, epoxy major cracks, plate cleaning, recoating with lacquer, Soundboard shimming
  • Springs, action: damper spring, hammer spring, jack spring, repetition level spring replacements
  • Strings and tuning pins: bass strings; custom or universal replacements; restringing (complete or partial); treble string replacement; tuning pin installation
  • Pitch raises and fine tension corrections
  • Concert (A440) tuning
  • Wippens: backcheck wire replacement; balancier spring retainer pins/bushings replacements; wippen replacement
  • Plastic elbow replacement
  • Caster installation and repair
  • Cleaning of piano: complete, interior/exterior (pet hair removal, lint, dust, and mold)
  • Dampp-Chaser installation (partial and complete systems)
  • Hinge pin replacement
  • Vacuuming and mothproofing
  • Vermin and insect eradication
  • Complete player system installation
  • Evaluations and appraisals (written and oral) for insurance claims or resale

Service & Repair