October 17, 2017


Custom Piano Restoration

Turn that old family heirloom into a totally new instrument.

A recent 2017 project: this Steinway & Sons baby grand piano, rebuilt to a client’s very unique and creative specifications! The finishing touch was a wifi-controlled player system.

Turn that old family heirloom into a totally new instrument.


Refinishing and rebuilding a piano can take on many different faces. There are so many options and stages for this process that each client’s needs will be very unique. You may want new keytops for your piano because the old keys are chipped and ugly. Or you may want just the exterior case of your piano refinished, while keeping the main interior mechanism intact. Or you may be looking for a complete transformation—totally rebuilding and refinishing your piano from the inside out.

Our piano rebuilders are here to help you restore your piano in whatever capacity you desire. Restoring a piano has long-lasting benefits. It increases the value of your instrument, lengthens its life and integrity for many more years, and, best of all, preserves a piece of the past by turning something worn-out and ancient into a beautiful new instrument.

We do extremely custom work and will be in touch with you throughout the whole process. You’ll get to choose the color of your piano, the look and feel of the new parts, whether or not you would like a player system installed, and so much more.

Start the process today by telling us what kind of TLC your piano needs!

A more traditional restoration we recently completed for a client.