• Digital: We rent digital pianos for various reasons, such as locations with space constraints, or where the piano needs ease of portability. A digital piano will have 88 keys, a pedal, a stand, and a music desk. A bench or seat is typically not included. A digital piano has weighted keys and feels much like a piano, yet allows for amplification. Input cords are supplied by us; you need to supply your own speakers for amplification.

Types of pianos we rent

  • Spinet: A spinet piano measures 54-58” L x 24” D x 36” H. A spinet is a wonderful option for those who don’t have a lot of wall space, or have a smaller room; as the nice, shorter model allows for easy entry and fit. Most students will opt for a spinet piano. All spinets come with 88 keys in a full range keyboard, pedals, and a bench.

  • Console: A console piano measures 54-58” L x 24” D x 42-44” H. Its taller height allows for longer strings, which typically result in a larger, full-bodied sound. All consoles come with 88 keys in a full range keyboard, pedals, and a bench. 

  • Baby grand: A baby grand piano measures under 5’ long, and is generally used as a rental for corporate or professional functions (weddings, receptions, recitals, and concerts). Baby grands can vary in color and size, depending on our current inventory. 


Looking to rent a piano?

Our rental policy is simple and convenient. After deciding which type of piano you would like to rent, simply contact us with your information (address, phone number, number of steps to get the piano into your home, etc.) We will get back to you with detailed information concerning your rental. Once you’ve reviewed and approved the rental agreement, your piano will be on its way to you that same week. Easy!

When you rent from us, you get . . .

  • Delivery and tuning included: We will deliver and tune your piano upon its arrival at your home. After we leave, you’ll be all set and ready to play!

  • Handy for moving situations: If you are in temporary housing or in between moves, you can enjoy an instrument now without having to pay to take it with you when you move on!  We’ll simply come pick it up when you’re done with it.

  • Perfect for a child: Perhaps you have a child that is a beginner and you are not sure whether to invest in an instrument just yet. Renting will give your child a fine instrument to practice on now while giving you peace of mind that you’ll be making the investment once you’re ready.
  • Simple rent-to-own option: We let you put your first 12 months of rental fees towards purchasing the piano, if you so choose.

  • Easy, automated debit system: No need to remember to pay one more bill; we’ll simply bill your card on file at the beginning of each month. Need to cancel? No problem. Just send us an email and you can cancel at the end of the following month—no early termination fees! 

  • Affordable fees: Most of our spinets cost less than $1.40 per day to rent. Some pianos even rent for $1 per day (subject to availability).

  • Short-term event rental options: We rent pianos for weddings, receptions, gatherings, and more. Contact us for a quote.

My daddy gave me an antique piano for graduation. That was 34 years ago. She needed help! I contacted 88 Keys. I cannot express how grateful I am to Jon and his family for such a touching experience. That piano meant more to me than “just” a piano... it holds very dear memories of my daddy, my nieces and nephews, and my own boys. None of us knew how to play... but we sure did have a great time trying. My daddy died in 2000. My son, at 18, in 2011, died in a car crash. Less than 2 months later, my oldest nephew passed away. My son took lessons using my piano. My nephew loved “banging” on it more than any of us!!! These wonderful memories I’m having I owe to 88 Keys... they didn’t just “fix” my piano, they “fixed” a portion of my heart. Thank you Jon and family!!!

Vicky S.
Meldrim, GA