Our certified Pianoforce installers can add a CD enabled, wifi controlled, automatic player system to any piano, grand or upright. The video demonstrates a player system that we installed at work. See more videos of this piano.

Great experience from beginning to end. My mom and I bought a refurbished Chickering for my father’s birthday, and the entire process was smooth. Great service, and delivery was easy.

Beaufort, SC

Player Installation

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Offering a 7” tablet with all purchases made before December 31st!

Professional, hassle-free installation

Add a magnificent and relaxing touch to your home or business facility. We offer player piano systems that can be installed in any kind of piano. Our all-inclusive service will be a hassle-free experience for you!

Our knowledgeable and certified installers can take your piano, move it to our shop, install the player, and bring it back to you ready to play. Upon delivery, we’ll provide an on-site tutorial so you can get familiar with our user-friendly player system. ​We can also provide you with a quality used piano already containing a player system. 

The player systems we install are both wifi controlled and CD enabled.

Take the first step today.

You’re about to add a beautiful instrument, highly impressive novelty, and gorgeous piece of furniture to your home or business. Contact us to start the process today!