Now hiring!

We are currently hiring music teachers for private lessons. If you would be interested in teaching for us, contact us to let us know.

Choose from two different music lesson options at our studio.


All lessons are held at the 88 Keys Piano music studio, right next door to our shop and showroom in Bloomingdale, GA.

Music Lessons

My daughter absolutely loves her Kindermusik class. We have been going for about 3 months and she is learning so much, while at the same time having a blast! She adores the teacher! On that note, our teacher (Marina) truly has a gift for teaching and inspiring little ones to learn! We use a ton of different instuments and ALL of the babies & toddlers in the class seem to really enjoy it. We both really enjoy the songs and play them all the time at home. I love that the lessons are structured, but not rigid at all. Now every Tuesday morning when she notices we are headed in our Kindermusik class direction, she starts chanting “music” and clapping. This makes me as parent so happy that she enjoys learning & music! We REALLY love our Kindermusik class!

​Torie L.

​mom to Harper, age 2